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We are a community group trying to raise awareness of conservation and sustainability within the ex-coal field communities of Ashfield, north Nottinghamshire.  On this website you will find out more about us and our campaign to retain the Conservation Area Headstock at former Annesley Colliery, Nottingham. We are also interested in raising the profile of key environmental projects in the neighbouring areas such as Annesley and Newstead Country Park. 




Images of Annesley Village area.
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    Annesley is steeped in history, having romantic links to Byron, and important buildings of heritage and architectural interest. In Annesley Village, the former Colliery was one of the oldest and deepest in Nottinghamshire (1865—2000). D.H Lawrence’s father and cricketing legend Harold Larwood worked down Annesley Pit. The Headstock was only one of three buildings remaining on the site in 2008. These formed part of the Conservation Area and links to the mining community that once was.

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    During 2008/9 ACT secured nearly £12,000 of funding towards the cost of surveys and public consultations to help the re-development of the former Annesley Colliery site.  ACT also actively looked at various funding sources  for the sustainable reuse of the Headstocks and found that money was potentially available.  Finally, ACT created a development brief/business plan for the re-development of the Headstock. Unfortunately, due to the actions of the Local Planning Authority, most of the historical buildings, despite being in a Conservation Area, were demolished.

Annesley Headstock

In 2008, this was the UK’s last remaining “A” Frame Headstocks which was under threat of demolition! 


In April of 2008 ACT carried out a pilot Questionnaire Survey of a sample of households in Annesely Village (every 10th house).  The aim of this was to ascertain residents' views concerning the future of the historical industrial building.  Around 18 questionnaires (56%) were returned. Results indicated that:

15 people were in favour of keeping the Headstocks

3 people were against the retention of the Headstock

This shows that nearly 80% of respondents agreed that the Headstocks should be retained.  


During the same year, ACT produced and delivered their first newsletter to over 250 houses (all the houses in Annesley Village). The newsletter is called "Let's Take Stock" and is available on PDF format.  Contents of this leaflet and other documents are available for viewing and downloading on this web site (bottom of this page and within documents).