About ACT


We are a community group working alongside  the ex-coal field communities of north Nottinghamshire (i.e. general public, community groups). Our main objective is to;

  1. promote and raise awareness of sustainability issues and the Conservation Area status of the areas of Annesley and the wider Ashfield District, Nottinghamshire and;
  2. protect the mining heritage of Nottinghamshire through fund-raising activities and;
  3. attract more members and local interest via publicity and campaigning. This community group uses community psychology to explore how historical colliery structures could be restored and re-used to address the needs of deprived ex-coal field communities (e.g. employment, training and mental health needs).   

Heritage Restoration Aim

One of our aims was to investigate possible sources of funding for the restoration of the mining Headstock and other important  structures on the former Annesley Colliery site, a Conservation Area, and to explore how this might have benefitted the community. We wanted to challenge proposals by developers to demolish the Headstock. However, as previously stated, the historical buildings on the site have now been destroyed.  We have a constitution and were considering gaining charitable status with the Charities Commission. Our long-term goal was to forge new links and partnership working between the community and local councils which would enable other sites of environmental interest within Ashfield to be retained for the future. 

                                                  Annesley Conservation Area 

Annesley Conservation Area consisted of former Annesley Colliery, the Miners' Cottages and Moseley Farm.  There is a map available to download at the bottom of this page.



History of Annesley Conservation Area 

Annesley Colliery and the associated village was declared a Conservation Area in 1999 in acknowledgement that they represented a near intact mining community. The actual pit is believed to have been the oldest in the country and formed an important part of Ashfield's heritage.  

First opened in 1865, Annesley Colliery was in use for over 130 years. During the time of its use, various phases of development occurred (namely in the 1860/70’s, 1920/30’s and the late 1970/80’s) leading to varying styles of building on the site. It was the oldest running colliery in Nottinghamshire at the time of its closure in 2000 and the last remaining pit in the Hucknall and Bulwell area. The pit head baths dated from the 1930’s and possessed an interesting art deco style from the period. 

The Conservation Area includes Moseley Farm (extended in the Twentieth Century) which dates back to the 17th Century and is constructed of stone with a pitch clay pantiled roof. The associated village with its rows of terraced housing was constructed between 1869 and 1873 and comprises a total of 160  "cottages." 

In 2004 many of the colliery buildings were illegally demolished.  By 2008, only the electrical house, art deco pit head baths and one of the two headstocks remained.  These buildings were under immediate threat of demolition and apart from the electrical house were demolished in 2009 despite some local opposition.