Does anyone know anything about the doctors surgery?
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Dec 31 2008

Oct 19 2008


Funding Streams Available!

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Sep 1 2008

The Headstock Centre Annesley - Development Brief

Development Brief, Part 1: Background and Feasibility Study 

Aug 28 2008

Conservation Area Extension

Should the Conservation Area of Annesley Village be extended to include the following areas:-


  • Annesley Cutting (the road with the trees giving it a tunnel effect)
  • The woodland around All St. Church
  • All St Church, the grave yard
  • the stone houses on Derby Road
  • the fields between The Annesley Colliery and Mosley Farm, (in front of Mosley Road)
  • the open space/playing fields behind Byron Road
  • Annesley Lagoons/pit tip


Aug 2 2008

Those in favour of retaining the Headstock

Find out who is favour of retaining the Headstock and Pithouse Baths


Jun 12 2008

Questionnaire Survey

  The results of our questionnaire survey



May 27 2008

As Seen on TV

Central ITV News featured a five minute story on the Headstock in mid-May, 2008.  The Headstock story was mentioned three times during the half an hour news slot. 


An anonymous person had contacted Central News, after reading our newsletter, "Let's Take Stock".